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Table 23.1. Se ected stud es of botu num tox n nject on for t cs Treatment (te Code 128 Code Set B for .NET chnique, dose) Brand Botox Mean duration of follow-up was 21 2 months (range, 1 5 84 months); mean peak effect 115 sessions was 2 8 weeks (range, 0 4); the mean duration of benefit was 14 4 weeks (maximum, 45 weeks); mean latency to onset of benefit was 3 8 days (maximum, 10 days) All outcomes compared week 2 to baseline measurement Patients reassessed weeks 6, 12, and every 4 weeks until patient and examiners agreed tic disorder had reached baseline and then the patient crossed 50% of patients Primary noted measure weakness not number of functionally treated tics per disabling of minute on a the injected videotape muscles segment Two patients Secondary noted a measures significant number of motor untreated tics restlessness per minute, during the the Shapiro active Tourette Botox Clinical effect on 4 point self-rating scale Mild and transient, including neck weakness (4), dysphagia (2), ptosis (2), nausea (1), hypophonia (1), fatigue (1), and generalized weakness (1) Follow-up Outcome Adverse events Comments 57 4 U, 79 3 U in the lower face, 149 6 U in the cervical muscles, and 121 7 U in other muscles of the shoulder, forearm, and scalp Four patients received 17 8 U in the vocal cords. Reference 35 Design Size Kwak et al., 2000. Open-label case series with unblinded assessments Marras et al., 2001. Doubleblinded, crossover, placebocontrolled 20 randomized .net vs 2010 Code 128C Variable doses based on 18 completed clinical (2 lost to judgment follow-up). Variable prot ocol based on location of tic involvement Twenty-one (84%) of 25 patients with premonitory sensations derived marked relief of these symptoms (mean benefit, 70 6%) Observed no pattern to suggest that certain tics respond better than others to botulinum toxin treatment. Size over to visual .net barcode code 128 the second phase of the trial treatment Two patients felt the inability to perform the treated tic led to a new tic to replace it Treatment (technique, dose) Brand Follow-up Outcome Adverse events Comments 30 2 5 IU in both vocal cords; mean number of injections were 1 9 per patient with a mean interval 4 2 months apart Botox Assessed after 15 days and then 4 times over a 12-month period Syndrome Severity Scale score, a numerical assessment of the urge to perform the treated tic (0 to 4), the premonitory sensation associated with the treated tic (0 to 4), and the patient s global impression of change Phenomenology of tics, global impression of changes by physician and patient, number of BoNT-A injections given, interval between injections Mild hypophonia was the only side effect of note (80% of patients) Premonitory experiences dropped from 53% to 20%. Table 23.1. (cont.

). Reference Design Porta et al., 2004. Open-label case series with unblinded assessments 23. Botulinum toxin in tics and hand and head tremor Figure 23.1 Suggested injection sites for whiplash tic. Dosages and muscles injected The exact mus cles and location of injections are determined by considering which movements are of particular concern by the patient, by observing the predominant movement (including severity) of the tic being performed, and by determining whether or not there is a significant localized premonitory sensation or urge associated with the tic. Dosing varies depending on the intensity of the premonitory sensation, force of the contraction, and size of the muscle, but the average starting dose is 25 50 U Botox/Xeomin , 75 150 U Dysport , and 1500 2500 U NeuroBloc /MyoBloc into the splenius muscle (see Adult Dosing Guidelines and dosage recommendations at www.wemove.

org/). On occasion, as patients experience improvement of their BoNT treated tic, they may have a worsening of tics in other areas..

A common tic Code-128 for .NET seen in TS patients is to have sudden retrocollic jerking of the neck (whiplash tic) which can lead to pain and cervical spine injury (Kwak et al., 2000).

This tic can be effectively treated when the splenius capitis muscles are injected as indicated in Figure 23.1. The injection is most effica cious if the patients frequently have a premonitory sensation or urge in the posterior neck just prior to performing the tic.

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