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6.2.2 Tf idf weighting use software code 3/9 printing todraw code 39 in software USS 93 We now combine the de Software Code 39 Extended nitions of term frequency and inverse document frequency to produce a composite weight for each term in each document. tf idf The tf idf weighting scheme assigns to term t a weight in document d given by (6.8) tf-idft,d = tft,d idft .

In other words, tf idft,d assigns to term t a weight in document d that is 1. highest when t occurs many times within a small number of documents (thus lending high discriminating power to those documents); 2. lower when the term occurs fewer times in a document, or occurs in many documents (thus offering a less pronounced relevance signal); 3.

lowest when the term occurs in virtually all documents.. document At this point , we may view each document as a vector with one component vector corresponding to each term in the dictionary, together with a weight for each. component that is give Software barcode 3/9 n by (6.8). For dictionary terms that do not occur in a document, this weight is zero.

This vector form will prove to be crucial to scoring and ranking; we will develop these ideas in Section 6.3. As a rst step, we introduce the overlap score measure: The score of a document d is the sum, over all query terms, of the number of times each of the query terms occurs in d.

We can re ne this idea so that we add up not the number of occurrences of each query term t in d, but instead the tf idf weight of each term in d. (6.9) Score(q , d) =.

tf idft,d . P1: KRU/IRP irbook CUU Software Code 39 S232/Manning 978 0 521 86571 5 May 27, 2008 12:8. 110 Doc1 27 3 0 14 Doc2 4 33 33 0 Doc3 24 0 29 17 Scoring, term weighting, and the vector space model car auto insurance best Figure 6.9 Table of tf values for Exercise 6.10. In Section 6.3, we wil l develop a more rigorous form of Equation (6.9).

. Exercise 6.8 Why is th Code 39 Extended for None e idf of a term always nite Exercise 6.9 What is the idf of a term that occurs in every document Compare this with the use of stop word lists.

Exercise 6.10 Consider the table of term frequencies for 3 documents denoted Doc1, Doc2, Doc3 in Figure 6.9.

Compute the tf idf weights for the terms car, auto, insurance, and best, for each document, using the idf values from Figure 6.8. Exercise 6.

11 Can the tf idf weight of a term in a document exceed 1 Exercise 6.12 How does the base of the logarithm in (6.7) affect the score calculation in (6.

9) How does the base of the logarithm affect the relative scores of two documents on a given query Exercise 6.13 If the logarithm in (6.7) is computed base 2, suggest a simple approximation to the idf of a term.

. 6.3 The vector space model for scoring In Section 6.2 (page 1 Code 3/9 for None 07) we developed the notion of a document vector that captures the relative importance of the terms in a document. The representation of a set of documents as vectors in a common vector space is known vector space as the vector space model and is fundamental to a host of information retrieval model (IR) operations including scoring documents on a query, document classi cation, and document clustering.

We rst develop the basic ideas underlying vector space scoring; a pivotal step in this development is the view (Section 6.3.2) of queries as vectors in the same vector space as the document collection.

. 6.3.1 Dot products We denote by V(d) the Software Code 3 of 9 vector derived from document d, with one component in the vector for each dictionary term. Unless otherwise speci ed, the reader may assume that the components are computed using the tf idf weighting. P1: KRU/IRP irbook CUU S232/Manning 978 0 521 86571 5 May 27, 2008 12:8. 6.3 The vector space m Software Code 39 Full ASCII odel for scoring Doc1 0.88 0.

10 0 0.46 Doc2 0.09 0.

71 0.71 0 Doc3 0.58 0 0.

70 0.41.
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