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72 Who are the dinosaurs using barcode writer for .net control to generate, create qr code image in .net applications. OneCode Dinosaurs are dia visual .net QR Code 2d barcode psids and among living diapsids, dinosaurs are most closely related to crocodiles and birds, both of whom are archosaurs, a group of reptiles united by the presence of an antorbital opening. Calling birds reptiles is, of course, contrary to conventional Linnaean classi cation, which in this case fails to accurately depict their evolutionary relationships as revealed by cladistic analysis.

There are two major groups of dinosaurs: Ornithischia and Saurischia. These are identi ed by a variety of features, in particular the orientation of the anterior portion of the pubis. As the phylogeny is currently understood, ornithischians and saurischians are equally derived; thus it is not possible to say whether one is more primitive than the other.

Finally, this chapter contains a brief summary of basic diapsid bone morphology. Elements of the axial skeleton are presented, including centra, neural arches, hemal arches, cervical vertebrae, caudal vertebrae, ribs, gastralia, pelvic and pectoral girdles. Limb skeletal structure is presented, including humerus, radius and ulna; femur, tibia and bula, carpals, tarsals, metapodials, and ungual phalanges.

The basic elements of the skull and mandible are also presented.. Selected readings Bakker, R. T. and QR Code for .

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Nature, 361, 64 66.. Topic questions 73 Topic questions 1. De ne: Chordat a, notochord, gnathostome, Sarcopterygii, skull, mandible, girdles, neural arch, centrum, process, ilium, ischium, pubis, acetabulum, sternum, humerus, femur, radius, ulna, tibia, bula, phatanges, ungual, metacarpals, metatarsals, metapodials, occipital condyle, foramen magnum, stapes, skull roof, tympanic membrane, nares, orbit, palate, amniote, anamniote, amnion, anapsid, synapsid, diapsid, upper temporal fenestra, lower temporal fenestra, archosaur, Archosauromorpha, lepidosaur, Crurotarsi, Ornithodira, Dinosauria, pterosaur, mesotarsal, Ornithischia, Saurischia. 2.

Explain the importance of the amnion in the evolution of terrestrial tetrapods. 3. Describe the basic structure of the vertebrate limb.

4. Draw a skull and lower jaws, indicating the skull roof, braincase, temporal region, orbit, nares, and snout. 5.

For how long have the mammal and bird lineages been evolving separately 6. Why is it that we said that a bird was more closely related to a crocodile than a crocodile is to a lizard 7. Construct a cladogram with only Vertebrata, Diapsida, Dinosauria, Synapsida, and Lepidosauria marked on it.

8. Construct a cladogram with just Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Archosauria, and Crocodylia marked on it. 9.

How can birds be reptiles 10. Within Amniota, warm-bloodedness and ight occur in bats, in birds, and in pterosaurs. Use a cladogram to show how many separate evolutionary events this required.

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