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Diplomacy and espionage using visual .net toinsert qr on web,windows application Scan GS1 BarCodes as is known, however, qrcode for .NET they were never subjected to mendicant missionary sermons, whether Dominican or otherwise.54 to what extent, then, can mendicants be said to have actively engaged in attempts to enter into religious dialogue with, preach to and ultimately convert muslim elites in the course of their diplomatic missions maximalist glosses aside, there is very little evidence to suggest that they did so at all.

indeed, only in one or possibly two specific cases are there any grounds to suspect mendicant involvement. once these are examined more closely, it soon becomes evident that they are just as likely to indicate a total lack of mendicant participation in or perhaps even mendicant opposition to such fantastical proselytizing gambits. the nearest thing to an overt claim of Dominican connections to an elite conversion effort comes in the context geoffroy of Beaulieu s above-cited assertion that st.

louis sought the baptism of hafsid caliph al-mustansir around 1269 70. this is the episode which lies at the root of all later historians statements on the subject. still, geoffroy never actually claimed the Dominicans planned the venture rather, as part of his overall contribution to the king s canonization campaign, he would have us believe that louis was the project s saintly mastermind.

55 what he does suggest is merely that louis used his last breath to designate certain Dominican friars as his successors in the tunis missionary field:. when it became clear t hat he was approaching the end, he cared for nothing but those things properly pertaining only to god and to the exaltation of the christian faith. therefore, since he could now only speak very softly and seriously we stood close by and listened closely to his words. the man, full of god and a true catholic, said: let us strive on behalf of god, so that the catholic faith might be preached and planted in tunis.

o may he who is best suited be sent there to preach! and he named a certain friar of the order of Preachers, who had been there before, and who was known to the king of tunis.56. louis alleged whisper qr codes for .NET must not have carried very far, for other sources fail to mention this royal command. neither Joinville (who was disgusted by the whole venture) nor Primat recount louis alleged final call for a.

legend has naturally e xaggerated abu Zayd s supposed repentance and dedication to the order (Burns, Crusader Kingdom, 200). friar raymond Despont witnessed the ex-king s daughter s will in 1299, but this was in his capacity as bishop of valencia and royal chancellor rather than as a Dominican. her will includes a small donation to the Preachers, but most bequests went to a convent of franciscan nuns (r.

i. Burns, Daughter of abu Zayd, last almohad ruler of valencia: the family and christian seigniory of alda ferr ndis 1236 1300 in Viator 24 [1993], 143 87). Papal enquiries were held into louis sanctity in 1273, 1278 and 1282.

the canonization was finalized in 1297 by Boniface viii (le goff, Saint Louis, 298 305). Beaulieu, Vita, ch. 44; ed.

Daunou and naudet, 23.. Dominicans, Muslims and Jews Dominican mission to t unis. instead they transcribe louis well-known written instructions to his heir, which are likewise silent on the issue. Primat includes a letter from louis son Philip iii, stating that his father s derreni re volent was instead for his Dominicans (including geoffroy) to go back to europe and order all the clerics of france to pray for his soul.

57 geoffroy may therefore have been putting a few good words into louis mouth, words intended to illustrate not only the king s piety but also the quality of the Dominican order. his version of events proved influential, however. later french chroniclers chose to see the 1270 treaty with the hafsids as proof that st.

louis alleged dream of converting the infidel lived on, with mendicant participation. william de nangis Chronicle (completed shortly before 1300) thus describes the scene:. seeing this [the arriv Quick Response Code for .NET al of charles of anjou with his siege engines], the saracens were forced by fear to request a treaty with the christians, among whose provisions these are said to be the most important, namely: that all christian captives in the kingdom of tunis were to be freed; and that, having built monasteries for the honor of christ in all the cities of the kingdom, the christian faith was to be freely preached by the Preachers and minorites and others; and that those wishing to be baptized should be baptized.58.

william reflects what had become common opinion in france by the turn of the fourteenth century, after louis had been canonized: that the tunisian crusade had indeed been intended to foster conversions among the muslims, and that the mendicant orders were expected to contribute to this goal with their preaching skills. since neither french nor latin versions of the treaty have survived, william s summary went unquestioned by generations of historians. an extant arabic copy of this document, however, makes no concessions to mendicant proselytism.

instead it grants religious privileges which had become standard in all fondacos, privileges intended to facilitate the residence of foreign merchants on muslim soil:. christian monks [ruhba qr bidimensional barcode for .NET n] and priests may remain in the realm of the amir al-mu minin, who will give them a place where they might build monasteries and churches and bury their dead; the said monks and priests will preach and. Joinville, Histoire, c h. 145; ed. de wailly, 328 33.

Primat, Chronique de Primat, chs. 39 43; ed. de wailly et al.

, 57 63. geoffroy de Beaulieu included a similar testament (in latin) in his Vita (ch. 15; ed.

Daunou and naudet, 8 9). william de nangis (Nangiaco), Continuationis Chronici Guillelmi de Nangiaco (ed. h.

g raud; Paris, 1843), vol. i, 238, an. 1270.

the treaty does provide for the liberation of all prisoners of war by both sides, but not for wholesale emancipation of christian slaves and certainly not for missionary preaching tours (mas latrie, Trait s, vol. ii, 94)..

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