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Extend Zenoss generate, create none none for none projectsprinting barcode The community ZenPacks none for none are created and shared by Zenoss community members. They are available as-is. The Core ZenPacks are created and distributed by Zenoss for all to use.

The Enterprise ZenPacks are reserved for customers who purchased Zenoss Enterprise and are not available to Zenoss Core users.. Java Projects Install Incorporating a ZenPac none none k into our Zenoss system includes three steps: 1. Download the ZenPack from the the Zenoss ZenPack Project Site. 2.

Install the ZenPack. 3. Configure the devices to use the ZenPack.

Let"s demonstrate the process with the HttpMonitor ZenPack, which monitors the status and response time of a website using the Nagios plug-in check_http.. Monitor Websites with HttpMonitor Hopefully, the ZenPack none for none s we install have appropriate documentation that tells us how to take advantage of the new functionality. In the case of the HttpMonitor ZenPack, we know by reading the Zenoss documentation that the ZenPack adds the /Status/Web event class and the HttpMonitor data source, which allows us to generate performance graphs. In our example, the real work begins after we install the ZenPack.

We add the website to be monitored as a device and create a custom performance template that we will use to add data sources and graphs. Let"s begin by installing the HttpMonitor ZenPack: 1. Download the HttpMonitor package from the Zenoss ZenPack Project Site, but do not unzip the file.

2. Navigate to Settings > ZenPacks in Zenoss. 3.

From the Loaded ZenPacks table menu, select Install ZenPack. 4. Browse for and select the ZenPack we downloaded.

5. Click OK to install the ZenPack. After the ZenPack installs, Zenoss displays the results of the ZenPack installation in the browser window, as shown in the following screen capture.

. [ 216 ]. 10 . If we want to monitor only one website, we could create a custom performance template at the device level, but in our example, we assume that we want to monitor several URLs. Therefore, we"ll use Zenoss" hierarchy and create a new/Web device class to organize our websites. The following sequence of steps adds the web domain in the /Web device class and creates a custom performance template that we will configure.

This process incorporates many of the concepts we"ve used throughout the book to manage our devices. It"s now a good time to review the performance template section in 6. Let"s monitor badgerfiles.

com or any other website: 1. Create the /Web device class. 2.

Add a new device with the following properties: Device Name: Device Class Path: /Web Discovery Protocol: None. 3. Select badgerfiles. none none com from the Device List.

4. From the device"s page menu, select More > Templates. 5.

Click Create Local Copy for the Device performance template. 6. Edit the device template and make the following changes: Name: HttpMonitor Description: Monitor the status and performance of URLs.

Remove the sysUpTime Data Source.. [ 217 ]. Extend Zenoss 7. From the Data Sourc es menu, select Add Data Source. 8.

In the Add a new Data Source dialog box: Enter a descriptive name in the ID field (e.g.: pageLoad) Type HttpMonitor.

9. Click OK to add the none none data source and display its properties (see the following screenshot). At this point, our /Web device class does not have any performance templates associated with it because we renamed the local copy of the device template, which means our new device does not have a performance template either.

We will bind the template to the /Web class in a few minutes. For now, we should use the bread crumb navigation to move up and down the performance template hierarchy to make changes to the HttpMonitor template. We can also edit the template by navigating to Devices > Templates.

. [ 218 ].
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