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Testing and Debugging generate, create code 128 code set a none for .net projects Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Changing t Visual Studio .NET Code-128 he configuration of PAM is a serious business. Using a module incorrectly might leave your system in a state where you cannot log in and correct the mistake.

But the worst scenario is that an unauthorized person can log in to your computer and abuse it. Testing PAM configurations can be challenging. This chapter is about how to test your new PAM configuration so that you are on safe ground; also advice on creating test cases is discussed here.

This chapter also shows how the pamtester utility works together with Expect to automate test procedures.. Where to Test My very fi Code-128 for .NET rst advice is that you should never try out new PAM configurations on a production system; use either a test computer or a virtual computer (VMware, Xen, etc.).

The reason is obvious if you make any mistakes in the PAM configuration, you might leave a production server in a state where the system administrator cannot log in. Using VMware or any virtualization system is of great advantage. With VMware Server, a free product, it is possible to take snapshots of the entire computer, which can be used to recover from fatal mistakes.

A fatal mistake in this context is that you cannot log in. If you are using a physical computer to test your PAM configuration, you might have to boot it using a live or rescue CD to correct a fatal mistake. And your test computer can be located in a server room far from your office, so correcting a mistake can take much longer than expected.

. Testing and Debugging Of course, barcode code 128 for .NET the major disadvantage of using VMware is that the host computer has to be able to run VMware and its entire guest operating system. But even a small laptop (with a 1.

3 GHz processor and 1 GB memory) can easily be used to test the integration between Linux and Microsoft Active Directory.. Leaving a Back Door Open It"s not g VS .NET USS Code 128 eneral advice but during the test phase of a new PAM configuration you should be able to correct mistakes using an open back door. In the case of PAM, a back door can be left open in two ways.

The first way is to work only on one service (for example, ssh) but enable another log in protocol (for example, telnet). When the first service is working, you can either switch service or disable the backdoor service. The disadvantage of using a backdoor service is that you open a door for unauthorized usage of the computer.

In particular, if you use telnet or rsh as backdoor service, you lower the security strength of your computer. During the test phase, an unauthorized user might log in. Another way to let a door be open is to log in and never log out before you have finished configuring.

Once logged in, changes in PAM configuration will not force you out and you will be able to correct mistakes. So you should be careful not to accidentally type Ctrl-D. Which of the two ways is preferred to use depends on the how long the job will take.

If it"s expected to take an hour or two, simply log in and never log out during the PAM reconfiguration. But if it"s expected to take longer (typically it does when a completely new back end is to be used), leave a back door open so that you can shut down his or her work computer and get some sleep..

[ 38 ]. 3 . Test Cases One of the code-128c for .NET major disciplines of software engineering is how to do testing. A test suite cannot prove that the software is working due to the limited set of test cases.

To prove the correctness of computer software is one of the harder disciplines of theoretical computer science. Instead a test suite is used to find as many errors or bugs as possible. A test case consists of both the user input and the expected outcome.

The behavior of PAM can be very complex. To find a minimum set of test cases can be difficult. For example, in some situations, accounts are required to expire after 60 days of inactivity.

Expiration of an account is difficult to test since you are supposed to wait for 60 days. In order to perform such a test case, you can move the clock ahead by 60 days instead of waiting. But such a test case can often be safely ignored since expiration is not configured directly by PAM.

While testing a particular service, three possibilities for each module must be considered: Valid user and valid password Valid user but invalid password Invalid user. In the fir st case, the expected outcome is that the user is authenticated, while in the two other test cases the expected outcome is an authentication failure. PAM makes heavy use of stacks of modules where more than one module is used in a sequence to authenticate. Each module in a stack adds new possibilities for how the authentication can be done.

A valid user for one module might not be valid for another module. This situation will add further to the possible scenarios and thereby to the number of test cases. Moreover, additional test cases should be constructed in order to test the interaction within the stack.

Interaction is a combination of the location within the stack and the control flag. For example, changing a control flag from required to requisite changes the authentication process. [ 39 ].
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