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Searching for Data use software pdf417 2d barcode printer todraw pdf417 2d barcode with software QR Code Spevcification Views in AX can n PDF-417 2d barcode for None ever be used to write data, only to read data from the database. This differs from the SQL implementation that has write-back possibilities for views..

Creating a view We will now creat PDF-417 2d barcode for None e a view that consists of CarId, CarBrand, Model, Customer Name, FromDate, and ToDate using the following steps: 1. First, we locate the Views node under the Data Dictionary in the AOT. 2.

Right-click on the Views node and select New View. A new view will be created. You can open its properties by right-clicking and selecting Properties.

3. Change the name of the view to CarCustRental and give it a label that describes the contents of the view. 4.

The views can actually use queries that have already been created as a base for the data selection. This is done in the Properties of the view by choosing the query from the Query property. However, in our example, we will create the view from scratch.

5. Under the Metadata node, right-click on the Data Sources node and select New Data Source 6. Select the newly created data source and enter CarTable in the table property.

The name of the data source will automatically change to CarTable_1, which is normal. 7. Under the CarTable data source, find the Data Sources node, right-click on it, and select New Data Source.

This time, we want to use the RentalTable so change the table property to RentalTable. Also change the relations property to Yes in order to get the link between the two tables active in the view. 8.

Do the same to add the CustTable as a child data source to the RentalTable.. [ 138 ]. 5 . 9. The next step is to define the fields that should be made available when this query is executed. Simply drag fields you need to use in the view from the CarTable_1, RentalTable_1, and CustTable_1 data source and drop them onto the Fields node.

10. You should now have a view that looks like the following screenshot:. After saving the Software PDF-417 2d barcode view, you can browse the contents of the view in the same way as you can with a table by using the table browser. Just open the view and the table browser will display the view with its contents..

[ 139 ]. Searching for Data You can also take a look at the view in the SQL Management Studio by opening the AX database node, then the Views node, and finding the view you just created. Right-click on the view and select Design to open it in design view. It should then look something like the following screenshot:.

One of the great Software pdf417 features of Dynamics AX as a development tool is the possibility to write embedded SQL. This basically means that you can write select statements that are controlled by the compiler and get results back directly to table variables..

Select statement [ 140 ]. 5 . The following lis Software barcode pdf417 t is taken from the SDK and shows the syntax for the select statement and the parameters allowed with the select statement:. Desciption Select Statement Parameters FindOptions Syntax select Parameters [ [ FindOptions ] [ FieldList from ] ] TableBufferVariable [ IndexClause ] [ Options ] [ WhereClause ] [ JoinClause ] crossCompany . reverse firstFast [ firstOnly firstOnly10 firstOnly100 firstOnly1000 ] . forUpdate noFetch [forcePlaceholders forceLiterals] . forceselectorder forceNestedLoop repeatableRead F Software PDF-417 2d barcode ield { , Field } . * Aggregate ( Fi eldIdentifier ) . FieldIdentifier sum avg minof maxof count [ order by , group by , FieldIdentifier [ asc desc ] { , FieldIdentifier [ asc desc ] }] . [ IndexClause ] index IndexName index hint IndexName where Expression [exists notexists outer ] join Parameters
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