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8. generate, create datamatrix none for .net projects ean13 6. Select local1.jpg. 7. On the Cate gories tab, select Local Photos. Then click Submit.

8. Now, repeat the same steps to create entries for the rest of the photos, using appropriate captions that describe the photos. Be sure to select a category for each photo.

There are 16 example photos (eight local and eight vacation photos). Having several example photos in each category will demonstrate how the photo gallery works better..

Creating your templates As with everyt hing in ExpressionEngine, everything that appears on your website must be coded in a template. Your photo gallery is no exception. You will now create new templates in a design very similar to the one used by the FAQs channel a single-entry template called comment so that visitors can leave comments on individual images, and a multiple-entry page where visitors can browse and view images by category.

You will start with the single-entry page.. [ 209 ]. Creating a Photo Gallery The single-ent data matrix barcodes for .NET ry page is where an individual photograph is displayed, along with the caption and any comments. In this section, you will create a new template group called photos and then create a new template called comment (since the primary reason to visit the single-entry template will be to view and post comments).

1. From the main menu, select Design, Templates, Edit, and then Create Group. Call this template group photos.

Do not duplicate a group and do not make the index template in this group your homepage. Click Submit. 2.

Next, with the photos group highlighted on the left-hand side, select New Template. Call the template comment and leave the template type as Web Page. Since your single-entry page here will be very similar to the singleentry page you created for the FAQs channel, select Duplicate an existing template and then choose the faqs/browse template to duplicate.

Click Create and Edit.. Creating the single-entry page [ 210 ]. 8 . If you did not 2d Data Matrix barcode for .NET follow 5, Creating a Fully-Equipped Channel completely and do not have an faqs/browse. template to du plicate, it can be downloaded from http:// or from the chapter 5 page at http://www.

3. Whenever yo .net framework Data Matrix u copy a template, the first thing to update is the Preload Text Replacements at the top.

Update them to the following:. {preload_repla ce:my_channel="photos"} {preload_replace:my_template_group="photos"} {preload_replace:my_single_entry_template="comment"}. 4. Further dow gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET n in the template, delete all the code between (but not including) the <h1>{title}</h1> and the {/exp:channel:entries}.

5. Replace the deleted code with the following code to display your image and your image caption (centered), along with a link to your multiple-entry photos/index template (which is still blank):. <br /> & lt;p class="center"><img class="limited" src="{photos_photo}"/> <br /> <em>{photos_caption}</em></p>. <p><a .NET Data Matrix href={path={my_template_group}}. title="Back to photos">Browse all photos</a></p> The limited cl VS .NET Data Matrix ass is defined in your site/site_css stylesheet as having the property max-width: 555px;. This value matches the width of the #content ID container.

Although the channel field instructions ask that photos be no bigger than 600x800, they may still be too big to fit nicely into the #content area without overlapping the sidebar. The max-width property proportionally shrinks images if they are too big, but otherwise leaves the image alone..

6. A lot furth er down, underneath the line {/exp:comment:form}, remove the Other Questions Like This section: everything from the <br /> to the {/exp:channel:entries} inclusive..

[ 211 ]. Creating a Photo Gallery 7. Click Updat Data Matrix barcode for .NET e and visit an example photo (such as http://localhost/ photos/comment/fireworks).

. If you uploade d photos with different titles, then remember that because this is a single-entry page, the last part of the URL (in this case, fireworks) is actually the URL Title from the entry to be displayed. You can replace this with the URL Title of another entry in your channel, and that entry will appear instead. Refer to 5, Creating a FullyEquipped Channel for more information on single and multiple-entry pages and how they work.

If something does not look right in your single-entry page page, compare your code with the final code for the template, downloadable at either or http://www.

[ 212 ].
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