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690 Building the Mobile Computing Environment generate, create qr barcode none on .net projects QR Code Safty Automatically selecting and p qr bidimensional barcode for .NET ushing precise alert information to the most relevant first time responders such as the fire department, security personnel or maintenance workers gives SWFIA the ability to respond rapidly to emergency and security situations. A situation s status can be analyzed more effectively leading to quicker decisions and a response within the critical three minute window .


3 The Value of Context Context ensures that the most relevant emergency response teams are automatically notified of an emergency or security. Central operations also receive notification of the alert. Context ensures that first on-the-scene response teams have access to rich information concerning the nature of the alert or emergency situation.

Context ensures better analysis, decision-making and response times due to the automatic provisioning of critical information relevant to the alert or emergency alarm. For example, the location of a specific fire alarm and relevant maps such as ventilation ducts and which areas are affected. Context ensures greater passenger security as well as minimal operational disruptions to arrivals and departures due to targeted information flow to key personnel and emergency response teams.

Context ensures that wireless communication technologies in a highly complex environment such as an airport are effective, simplified and user friendly.. Appear s Context-Aware techno logy is transforming the daily operations of Southwest Florida International Airport. Faster response times and more accurate analysis of daily emergency and security alerts enable the airport to continue normal operations with minimal disruptions. There is also a compelling reason for faster response to fire alerts.

For SWFIA, their policy is to evacuate the area around an alert (if it cannot be proved to be a false alarm) after 3 minutes. If an area is evacuated, that will significantly impact airport operations and cost a significant amount of money to the airport in terms of lost business, customer confidence etc. Before the Appear solution, it sometime could take up to 30 or 40 minutes for the fire department to respond.

With the Appear solution allow faster response by the closest able person, the speed of response has been quicker, the number of evacuations has fallen and the airport is saving a significant amount of money. The Appear IQ platform is also laying the foundations for future pioneering IT and mobile projects. Using the software platform additional security services and applications can be integrated.

For example, in the event of a security breach, video feeds from surveillance cameras can be automatically sent to the mobile devices of the nearest security personnel giving them the correct information they need to assess and react to the situation. Relevant information can also be sent to other relevant personnel. For instance, if the security breach has resulted in damage that requires immediate attention such as perimeter fencing, a message can be sent to the nearest maintenance team.

The Appear IQ platform will close the time gap between an event and closure by providing each specialised incident responder with the specific information they need to perform their tasks. Robert C. Smallback, Director Information Technology, Lee County Port Authority.

Building the Mobile Computing Environment 691 32.9.3 RATP The R gie Autonom e des Transports Parisiens (RATP), the Paris city transportation system, operates four different systems throughout Paris including the Metro, railway, tramway and bus systems.

Employing over 44,000 people (700 in the IT department), RATP is considered one of the world s most innovative transportation networks. 32.9.

3.1 Improving Operations and Customer Service The RATP subway system was interested in the deployment of a user friendly wireless solution that would increase staff productivity, make employees feel more valued, and dramatically increase customer service levels. Ever-increasing numbers of mobile employees in the stations required fast and easy access to real-time customer information, such as service schedules, disruption information, points of interest in the area, maps, timetables, and security & maintenance information.

RATP wants to ensure that: Customers can access the information they require through customer service representatives on site Up to the minute information regarding the status of the system is obtainable immediately in the areas affected Area specific information is easily acquired by the relevant personnel Efficiency is increased with regards to the management of facilities and trains. 32.9.3.

2 A Context-Aware Solu QR Code 2d barcode for .NET tion A Cisco end-to-end WLAN infrastructure provides high speed connectivity inside the RATP stations to fleets of WLAN-enabled devices such as Pocket PCs. The Appear Context Engine recognizes the context of each individual employee, such as location, profile, the time of day, etc.

Appear IQ s context-aware software dynamically reacts to the changing requirements of RATP s mobile employees and ensures that they always have access to the right information when they need it and without them having to request it. The solution provides possibilities for further customer care/service, security and operational applications such as staff management and equipment maintenance. 32.

9.3.3 The Value of Context Context ensures that employees are able access relevant information in one single click so that customer requests can be answered accurately and quickly.

Context ensures that mobile content is always up-to-date according to the time of day or year. Changes to fare prices and timetables are automatically updated, for example, weekend rates and night timetables. Context ensures that existing applications are enhanced.

For example, the from field in the route planner application is automatically filled in according to the location of the employee..
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