Building the Mobile Computing Environment in .NET Access Quick Response Code in .NET Building the Mobile Computing Environment

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4 Retur n on Investment The sharing of a mobile infrastructure (hardware and middleware) greatly reduces the cost of ownership of the entire mobile solution. In addition, the context-aware software, the highly ergonomic user interface and the high performance network dramatically reduces the time required to access the required information. This has increased employee efficiency and greatly enhanced customer service levels.

RATP is currently rolling out the deployment within several of its departments, including frontline personnel in the tramway, subway, local trains and buses. Various categories of personnel are being equipped with devices, including customer care representatives, security personnel and maintenance staff. This installation of advanced Wi-Fi services in a subway station is unprecedented.

Our initial goal was to help our employees provide better answers to the customers requests in order to improve quality of service along their journey. Now, La Defense RATP employees can easily access proximity services to provide real-time traffic information and local information frequently asked by travelers. Philippe Vappereau, Manager, Traveler Information System Department 32.

9.4 Dutch Rail (NS) Mobile Frontliners Dutch Rail (NS) operates one of the busiest rail transport systems in the world. With more than 385 full-service rail stations throughout the Netherlands, the company s 25,000 employees operate approximately one million passenger journeys per day.

NS continually strives to provide the most reliable and customer-friendly passenger rail transport in Europe. 32.9.

4.1 Operational and Productivity Gains using Context Improving operational efficiency and increasing employee productivity were key drivers when NS decided to implement an advanced wireless network in 50 hub stations with Appear s Context-Aware software. Using context, 10,000 mobile employees now have a user-friendly solution pushing exactly the information they need, when and where they need it.

The traditional fixed-location employee sign-in/out process is now wireless with context ensuring that the process is restricted to specific home stations. The previously complicated fixed-location synchronization procedure is now a reliable and automated process with context ensuring that critical information is distributed using the best connectivity route. Context has ensured true mobility at NS as the wireless solution dynamically reacts to the changing requirements of the mobile employees and their environment.

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2 A Con text-Aware Solution An advanced distributed architecture using Cisco end-to-end WLAN infrastructure provides high speed connectivity to a fleet of 10,000 Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PCs. The NS Desktop, based on the Appear Context Engine, enables the push and synchronization of personalized real-time information over the wireless network to the employees handheld devices. Whenever the user enters or moves between authorized wireless zones, the Appear software dynamically reacts to the employees situation and context, for example profile, job task and location.

The addition of the Appear Synchronization Module automates a complex synchronization process based on context that supports file upload and download, version control and release management. A device lockdown feature uses context to remove unwanted applications and processes that do not fit into employees profiles. 32.

9.4.3 The Value of Context Context ensures that employees receive relevant prompts.

Ticket collectors receive prompts to update information once a certain number of fines have been collected. Context ensures that train drivers receive critical information relevant to their specific journeys such as speed limits prior to boarding the train. Context ensures that the complex synchronization process occurs automatically when new information is available, for example changes in shift rosters, journey information or security reports.

Context ensures the dynamic appearance of relevant icons informing employees which services are available in the area, for example printing facilities. Context ensures that employees can only sign in and out at specific home station by using the proxy name for identification. The WiFi network determines their location.

Context is improving employee efficiency by 25 minutes per day per employee and cost savings estimated at EUR 8 million per year.. Appear s Conte Visual Studio .NET QR xt-Aware technology has transformed the day-to-day working environment of mobile employees at Dutch Rail. Operational processes have become more effective and employee productivity has increased dramatically.

Possible future uses of Appear s Context-Aware technology at Dutch Rail can ensure that equipment and infrastructure can be used more effectively and intelligently. This will take the distribution of context-aware information to the next level with the possibility of intelligent trains, intelligent e-ticketing and intelligent information displays..

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