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SHELLSORT ALGORITHM using .net torender pdf-417 2d barcode on web,windows application Web service The ShellSort algorithm is VS .NET PDF 417 named after its inventor, Donald Shell. This algorithm fundamentally improves on the insertion sort.

The algorithm s key concept is that it compares distant items, rather than adjacent items, as is done in the insertion sort. As the algorithm loops through the data set, the distance between each item decreases until at the end the algorithm is comparing items that are adjacent. ShellSort sorts distant elements by using an increment sequence.

The sequence must start with 1, but it can then be incremented by any amount. A. ADVANCED SORTING ALGORITHMS good increment to use is based on the code fragment While (h <= numElements / 3) h = h * 3 + 1 End While where numElements is the n pdf417 2d barcode for .NET umber of elements in the data set being sorted, such as an array. For example, if the sequence number generated by this code is 4, every fourth element of the data set is sorted.

Then a new sequence number is chosen, using this code:. h = (h - 1) / 3. Then the next h elements a pdf417 for .NET re sorted, and so on. Let s look at the code for the ShellSort algorithm (using the ArrayClass code from 4):.

Public Sub ShellSort() Dim inner, outer, temp As Integer Dim h As Integer = 1 While (h <= numElements / 3) h = h * 3 + 1 End While While (h > 0) For outer = h To numElements - 1 temp = arr(outer) inner = outer While (inner > h - 1 AndAlso arr(inner - h) >= temp) arr(inner) = arr(inner - h) inner -= h End While arr(inner) = temp Next h = (h - 1) / 3 End While End Sub. MergeSort Algorithm Here s some code to test t he algorithm:. Sub Main() Const SIZE As I Visual Studio .NET PDF-417 2d barcode nteger = 19 Dim theArray As New CArray(SIZE) Dim index As Integer For index = 0 To SIZE theArray.Insert(Int(100 * Rnd() + 1)) Next Console.

WriteLine() theArray.showArray() Console.WriteLine() theArray.

ShellSort() theArray.showArray() Console.Read() End Sub.

The output from this code looks like this:. The ShellSort is often con .net vs 2010 barcode pdf417 sidered a good advanced sorting algorithm to use because of its fairly easy implementation, but its performance is acceptable even for data sets in the tens of thousands of elements..

MERGESORT ALGORITHM The MergeSort algorithm ex .NET PDF-417 2d barcode empli es a recursive algorithm. This algorithm works by breaking up the data set into two halves and recursively sorting each half.

When the two halves are sorted, they are brought together using a merge routine. The easy work comes when sorting the data set. Let s say we have the following data in the set: 71 54 58 29 31 78 2 77.

First, the data set is broken. ADVANCED SORTING ALGORITHMS up into two separate sets: visual .net PDF-417 2d barcode 71 54 58 29 and 31 78 2 77. Then each half is sorted to give 29 54 58 71 and 2 31 77 78.

Then the two sets are merged, resulting in 2 29 31 54 58 71 77 78. The merge process compares the rst two elements of each data set (stored in temporary arrays), copying the smaller value to yet another array. The element not added to the third array is then compared to the next element in the other array.

The smaller element is added to the third array, and this process continues until both arrays run out of data. But what if one array runs out of data before the other Because this is likely to happen, the algorithm makes provisions for this situation. The algorithm uses two extra loops that are called only if one or the other of the two arrays still has data in it after the main loop nishes.

Now let s look at the code for performing a MergeSort. The rst two methods are the MergeSort and the recMergeSort methods. The rst method simply launches the recursive subroutine recMergeSort, which performs the sorting of the array.

Here is our code:. Public Sub mergeSort() Dim tempArray(numElements) As Integer recMergeSort(tempArray, 0, numElements - 1) End Sub Public Sub recMergeSort(ByVal tempArray() As Integer, _ ByVal lbound As Integer, ByVal _ ubound As Integer) If (lbound = ubound) Then Return Else Dim mid As Integer = (lbound + ubound) \ 2 recMergeSort(tempArray, lbound, mid) recMergeSort(tempArray, mid + 1, ubound) merge(tempArray, lbound, mid + 1, ubound) End If End Sub. In recMergeSort, the rst .NET barcode pdf417 If statement is the base case of the recursion, returning to the calling program when the condition becomes True. Otherwise, the middle point of the array is found and the routine is called recursively on the bottom half of the array (the rst call to recMergeSort) and then on.

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