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CHAPTER 3 Layers & JavaScript use swing pdf417 printer tomake pdf417 2d barcode with java Barcodes FAQs Example 3-34 Part 2: Sample434Frameset.html <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- //W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Frame for Sample 434</TITLE> </HEAD> <FRAMESET ROWS="140,*"> <FRAME MARGINHEIGHT=0 SCROLLING="no" NAME="display" SRC="Sample434A.html"> <FRAME SCROLLING="auto" NAME="main" SRC="Sample434.

html"> </FRAMESET> </HTML>. A compilation example with border animation and music The main purpose of Example 3-35 is to take some of the topics that have been covered so far and use them in a page that you might actually see on the web except for the size of the sound file which is 60 megs. In a real site, you would have links and most likely get a sound-tease with an option to buy, but since this is on a CD-ROM, I included the whole song which I wrote, performed, engineered and recorded. Hope you enjoy it.

This example has a self-updating date, time, and length of stay at the site that displays in the status bar of the window. It also has an embedded sound file of the song "Journeys of Illumination". There are animated rainbow bars that form a moving border at the edges of the page and spinning Earth globes in the four corners of the page.

Two Buttons control a Layer, which animates a banner with text that lists the names of the different movements of the song. Two other Buttons control the animation of the two Layers that contain the image of the CD and the songlist on the CD. MouseOver and MouseOut Events can also show and hide these two Layers.

The audio file is set to play automatically, and the Navigator audio controls are set to be shown by setting the width and height Attributes to 144 and 60, respectively, which are the minimum values required. A Screenshot is on page 361..

Example 3-35 Part 1:. Sample435.html <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- jar pdf417 2d barcode //W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Sample 435 - Example 3-35 Border Animation and Music. </TITLE> <STYLE TYPE="text/JavaScript"> Part I D y n a m i c H T M L classes.Mainbody.BODY.

margi j2ee pdf417 ns("0px"); classes.Mainbody.BODY.

paddings("0px"); classes.Mainbody.BODY.

backgroundColor="black"; classes.Mainbody.BODY.

color="white"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

margins("0px"); classes.SteelBlu.all.

backgroundColor="steelblue"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

color="navy"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

fontSize="22pt"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

fontFamily="Clarendon, Helvetica, fantasy"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

paddings("15px"); classes.SteelBlu.all.

borderTopWidth="10px"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

borderRightWidth="30px"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

borderBottomWidth="10px"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

borderLeftWidth="30px"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

borderStyle="inset"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

borderColor="#5555ff"; classes.SteelBlu.all.

lineHeight="28pt"; classes.RedBox.all.

backgroundColor="yellow"; classes.RedBox.all.

fontSize="22pt"; classes.RedBox.all.

color="red"; ids.L3.fontSize="20pt"; ids.

L3.fontFamily="Moonlight, "Brush Script", Cloister, cursive"; ids.L3.

color="#8800ff"; ids.L3.backgroundColor="cyan"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.width="420px"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.borderWidths("15px"); classes.

PurpleBox.all.borderColor="#8800ff"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.fontSize="17pt"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.borderStyle="groove"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.fontFamily=""Brush Script", fantasy"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.paddings("3px"); classes.

PurpleBox.all.color="yellow"; classes.

PurpleBox.all.backgroundColor="mediumblue"; tags.

H1.fontSize="23pt"; tags.H1.

color="red"; tags.H4.fontSize="14pt"; tags.

H4.color="#007700"; tags.H4.

backgroundColor="#00ff44"; tags.H4.fontFamily="Palatino, Times, Helvetica, serif"; classes.

LimeIt.all.color="lime"; classes.

LimeIt.all.fontSize="14pt"; classes.

Turqy.all.color="turquoise"; </STYLE> <!-******************************************************************* -->.

CHAPTER 3 Layers & JavaScript <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaSc tomcat pdf417 ript1.2"><!--BEGIN HIDING startTime = new Date();. /*------------------------- --------------------------------*/ //The getMonth() Method returns a zero to eleven numbering scheme for months //such that January = 0, February = 1, ...

, December = 11, //so you have to increment the month by 1 if you need January to be 1 instead of 0 //which is used for the todayMonth variable, below. function initializeTime() var var var var var var var var var today todayMonth todayDay todayYear todaysHours todaysMinutes todaysSeconds later TimeHere { = = = = = = = = = new Date(); today.getMonth() +1; today.

getDate(); today.getYear(); today.getHours(); today.

getMinutes(); today.getSeconds(); new Date(); Math.round((later - startTime) / 60000); todaysHours - 12 : todaysHours);.

todaysHours = ((todaysHours pdf417 2d barcode for Java > 12). var showTime= "The Date is: "+ todayMonth +"/" showTime += todayDay +"/" showTime += todayYear showTime += " ***** The Time is: " + todaysHours showTime += ((todaysMinutes > 9) " :" : " :0") showTime += todaysMinutes showTime += ((todaysSeconds > 9) " :" : " :0") showTime += todaysSeconds showTime += ((todaysHours >= 12) " PM" : " AM") showTime += " ***** You have been here " showTime += TimeHere + " Minutes." window.status = showTime; setTimeout("initializeTime()", 1000); } /*---------------------------------------------------------*/ //END HIDING--> </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <!-- ******************************************************************* <BODY CLASS="Mainbody" onLoad="initializeTime();" BACKGROUND="JPEG-FILES/icon-BG-asteroids.

jpg"> <LAYER CLASS="SteelBlu" ID="L1" LEFT=0 TOP=-10 WIDTH="100%"> <LAYER CLASS="RedBox" ID="L2" LEFT=55 TOP=28> <NOBR>HI! <FONT COLOR="#7700ee">Journeys of Illumination</FONT> has 5 movements. It starts with <FONT COLOR="#7700ee">Fanfare of Twilight</FONT> which blends into <FONT COLOR="#7700ee">Dance of Awakening</FONT>..

Part I D y n a m i c H T M L <FONT COLOR="#7700ee"> ;Thought-Travel Meandering in a Time-Free Space-Like Domain</FONT> is the third movement which melds into <FONT COLOR="#7700ee">Dimensional Freefall</FONT> and the song concludes with <FONT COLOR="#7700ee">Wanderjahr Ever Onward</FONT>.</NOBR> </LAYER> <LAYER CLASS="RedBox" ID="L3" LEFT=0 TOP=80 WIDTH=340> <FORM NAME="form3">Click to: <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="b1" VALUE="Move Banner" onClick="StartBanner();"> <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="b2" VALUE="Stop Banner" onClick="StopBanner();"><BR><BR> <EMBED SRC="./Sample-ETOC/Journeys-Of-Illumination.

aiff" AUTOSTART="true" WIDTH=144 HEIGHT=60> <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="b7" VALUE="Slide Album" onClick="showAlbumText(); slideAlbum();"> <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="b8" VALUE="Slide Back" onClick="slideAlbumBack(); slideAlbumText(); hideAlbumText();"><BR><BR> The song that is playing is called <BR> <FONT COLOR="#2200cc">Journeys of Illumination</FONT> <BR> which is the title track of the album and was composed, played and recorded in Sedona, Arizona in 1992.<BR><BR> <H4>The Date, Time and Length of Stay at this site are down here in the status bar.</H4> </FORM></LAYER> <!-- ************************************ --> <LAYER CLASS="PurpleBox" ID="L4Text" LEFT=350 TOP=80 VISIBILITY="hide" WIDTH=370 onMouseOut="bringAlbumBack();"> <H1>Journeys of Illumination</H1> Journeys of Illumination <SPAN CLASS="LimeIt">Song Time 11:02</SPAN><BR> <SPAN CLASS="Turqy"> Fanfare of Twilight<BR> Dance of Awakening<BR> Thought-Travel Meandering in a Time-Free Space-Like Domain<BR> Dimensional Freefall<BR> Wanderjahr Ever Onward<BR></SPAN> Sagacity in Solitude<BR> Musing Spirals<BR> Furthur<BR><BR> </LAYER> <LAYER CLASS="PurpleBox" ID="L4" LEFT=350 TOP=80 WIDTH=350 onMouseOver="revealAlbumText();"> <IMG SRC=".

/dreamplay-website/CD-JPEG5-Journeys-Illuminat.jpg" WIDTH=324 HEIGHT=293> </LAYER> <!-- ************************************ --> </LAYER> <!-This layer is necessary to have the border on top of the scrolling banner -->. <LAYER CLASS="SteelBlu" jboss PDF-417 2d barcode ID="L7" LEFT=0 TOP=-10 WIDTH="100%"> </LAYER> <!-******************************************************************* -->.
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