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Helping the Homeland use visual .net pdf417 2d barcode maker tomake pdf 417 on .net GS1 Standards Knowledge Centre presentations .NET PDF-417 2d barcode are made at Coptic youth conventions, including a music video featuring contemporary music by a Christian nu-metal band, P.O.

D. Images of children are juxtaposed with human development statistics, tales of discrimination, and other personal vignettes with the lyrics, We are, we are . .

. youth of the nation. Farag believes that one reason CO is so successful in its fundraising is because its staff is young and these targeted donors identify with the young professionals, who are typically the ones presenting at these conventions: We don t talk with an accent.

We re much more like the younger professionals who are now bringing in an income. In this sense CO is appealing to the rst and second generation Copts in diaspora who are expecting a more American-style of professionalism. A key motivation of donors remains identity.

When asked about Coptic identity among the youth, Farag replied, I think it s created differently, but it s created. It s not the same identity that our parents have. .

. . I think part of it is because there is a network.

In her own experience, she observed, Seeing a poor Egyptian is different from seeing a poor anybody else. . .

. Seeing a poor Egyptian is seeing somebody who is just like me, but living in poverty. Coptic youth conventions reinforce this identity and encourage youth to seek each other out and support each other, for instance, when they move away from home and start college.

Some of this comes naturally, as Farag reports:. You re such a minority. You re a minority in Egypt; you re a minority in America; you re a religious minority, even though I m Christian in America. Just to nd somebody who grew up as you grew up and knows a little bit about what it s like to be who you are.

It s really important when you re going to a new place.. Riad emphasize barcode pdf417 for .NET s the importance of religious identity in this process. The Coptic community focuses on creating its own churches rather than integrating with other existing Christian Orthodox churches; and upon their creation, services are available in English, as opposed to Coptic or Arabic, which could alienate younger generations.

The church is proactive in trying to sustain this identity among the youth. Churches regularly organize youth tours to Egypt so youth can visit the monasteries, see their history, and learn their heritage. The church also encourages service and charity to the Coptic.

Digital Diasporas communities in VS .NET PDF-417 2d barcode Egypt. Service is an important component of the Coptic faith.

CO appeals to both rst generation Coptic diasporans and the older generations. As Riad reports,. I can speak u ent Arabic, I could use the same language that the older generation can understand and I can shock them with things that I know will shock them, versus the younger ones that I use totally different stories to get them. The older ones, all you have to do is you say, The father converted. With the younger ones, I have to explain what that means.

13. These donors c PDF417 for .NET an also be distinguished in part by differing expectations. One set has no interest in any recognition: Take my money, but don t thank me.

Don t tell me where it s going because it s based on the biblical verse of Don t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. . .

. I don t want to know who I m helping. I want to just help someone so I can get my reward up in heaven.

In contrast, Riad reports that the younger generation wants more reporting and accountability.. The Keys to Co ptic Orphan s Success Riad credits CO s success to having one foot in two cultures. That is,. our identity, Visual Studio .NET PDF-417 2d barcode our faith, our being Copts, and then having gone through education here [in the United States] and worked in other professional organizations. So those are my expectations.

I ve never worked in Egypt. I don t know what it s like there. So I m modeling after what I ve seen here.

. This American professionalism has posed some challenges to CO as well. Riad and Farag both note a resistance from Copts in Egypt and the United States to consider supporting an organization with professional staff who receive salaries. Similar to the persistent challenges in the nonpro t sector worldwide, there is an expectation.

Upon a father PDF-417 2d barcode for .NET s conversion to Islam, the wife and children may be nancially disowned if they do not also convert. Legally, the children are required to convert with their father.

According to Riad, some such families prefer to hide in order to maintain their Christian faith..
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