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odr and access using visual .net tointegrate code 128 barcode in web,windows application Bar Code Scanner Environments business,12 visual .net barcode standards 128 arising from E-commerce, before this ombudsman service. Only consumers can make a complaint and initiate the procedure, not businesses.

13 In 2006, the Internet Ombudsman service worked on 4,750 complaints, with the total of claims amounting to 609,000 (about 412,969).14 This equals an average claim of 128 (about 87). Hence this ombudsman scheme covers mainly small claims.

The procedure is a two-step one, consisting of online mediation and an online recommendation. At the rst stage, the Ombudsman mediates between the parties. If this does not lead to a settlement, and if both parties agree to a second stage, the Ombudsman makes a recommendation.

15 The process uses an online platform and electronic le.16 The Austrian ombudsman service is not mandatory. Consumers can choose it by initiating a claim.

The company against whom a claim is made is asked whether or not it wishes to participate in the procedure. Some companies may have agreed to take part before the dispute, by signing up to the Eurolabel Code of Conduct and trustmark scheme.17 This does not make online arbitration generally obligatory, but, for a business which has opted to become a member of Eurolabel before the dispute arose and who has been certi ed in Austria, it does require participation in the Internet Ombudsman procedure.

18 Such a business would have to accept a recommendation made by the Internet Ombudsman service at the second stage of the procedure.19 For other companies, participation is based on voluntary agreement after the dispute has arisen. However, the Internet Ombudsman publishes the names of companies against whom multiple complaints have.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18. The Interne code128b for .NET t Ombudsman offers conciliation services only for C2C disputes. See www. ge+Fragen [1 April 2008].


php/cat/3/title/News [1 April 2008]. Con rmed by email by the Austrian Ombudsman (on le with author). See www. ge+Fragen [1 April 2008].

See [1 April 2008]; see also 8.

2.1. See www. Streitschlichtungsverfahren+beim+Internet+Ombudsmann+ab%3F and www. [1 April 2008]. See www. [1 April 2008]; Verfahrensrichtlinien (Procedural Rules), para. 16(3), available from www. [1 April 2008]; the Internet Ombudsman had 127 Eurolabel cases in 2006.

. cross-border internet dispute resolution been made a USS Code 128 for .NET nd who have consistently refused to take part in dispute resolution on its website.20 Furthermore, the procedure will only continue to the second stage if both parties agree to this.

In particular, the ombudsman only makes a recommendation if both parties agree to this.21 As to the jurisdiction of the Internet Ombudsman, this is only available to consumers who are resident in Austria and who complain against a business that is established within an EU Member State.22 The ombudsman service is free for the user both the consumer and the company concerned.

The parties only have to pay their own costs (if any). The parties may have legal representation, but this is not required as the Internet Ombudsman gives guidance to the parties during the procedure.23 The costs of the Internet Ombudsman are born by Austrian public funds, through the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunication,24 the Federal Ministry for Social Services and Consumer Protection25 and the Federal Work Commission.

26 It has also received funding from the European Commission and the Austrian Internet Privatstiftung. The Austrian Internet Ombudsman is an example of a current application of ODR for Internet disputes. The nal chapter of this book will draw some lessons from this scheme.

However, it should also be pointed out that, in some ways, the model, based on the discussions in this book (and which is outlined in 8), is quite different.27. 5.4 Technologies used This section brie y describes the technologies used in online mediation and online arbitration. 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27. See www.omb Visual Studio .NET USS Code 128 udsmann.

at/ombudsmann.php/cat/21/title/H%E4u ge+Fragen [1 April 2008]. Ibid.

Ibid.; con rmed by email by the Austrian Ombudsman (on le with author). See www. ge+Fragen [1 April 2008].

Osterreichisches Institut f r Angewandte Telekommunikation (OIAT). u Bundesministerium f r Soziales und Konsumentenschutz (BMSK). u Bundesarbeitskammer.

The Austrian Internet Ombudsman is not compulsory, and it seems to cover small consumer claims. This book is concerned with a wider range of disputes and power imbalances that go beyond small consumer claims..

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